Christmas 2018. Activity 6.

Christmas 2017. Activity 5.

Activity 5.

November 2017. Activity 4.

This time Konret Center travels to Bardhaj, a far distant locality in Shkodra district, where suffering and misery coexist with people of the 21st century.

There we met Hyseni family who “lives” between poverty and misery. This family composed of two parents, who because of their illnesses are unable to work and provide for these 3 beautiful children. In their eyes we saw nothing but joy when they met us!

We helped them with groceries and food supplies for some months to go, hoping to have as much as possible to have warmed up their cold winter.

Concrete Efforts to Help Those in need!

November 2017. Activity 3.

Concrete Center, Activity 3

Konkret Center provides the children of kindergarten “Esmeralda” with food supplies that will last for a few months.

Based on its mission to help people in need, Konkret Center provides again this time with alimentary supplies for the children of "Esmeralda" kindergarten.

The kindergarten helps orphan children aged 4-6, in extreme poverty conditions.

Concrete Efforts to Help Those in need!

October 2017. Activity 2.

Activity Number 2

The importance of schooling and a better hygiene for children.

Konkret Center organized an informative meeting with Roma mothers and fathers about the importance of schooling, a better hygiene and better communication with their children.

Throughout these meetings, people of this community are targeted to be informed about the importance of educating the younger ones for a better future.

Concrete Efforts to Help Those in need!

September 2017. Activity 1. 


Kindergarden Esmeralda.

Konkret Center provides basic school materials and a computer for kindergarten "Esmeralda".

In fulfilling its mission to help children in economic difficulties and belonging to marginalized social strata through concrete efforts, “Konkret Center” provides the school material base for the 2017-2018 academic year for the "Esmeralda" kindergarten.

"Esmeralda" kindergarten is a pre-school consisting of mainly Roma children without parents or with families in extreme poverty conditions.

Concrete Efforts to Help Those in need!